I enjoy designing and crafting limited edition jewelry. My current interest is integrating glass and stone into traditional chain maille weaves. I do my best work when I am designing to compliment your style and preferences.



Linked Waves


Weaving glass rings into this classic European weave introduces a bit of chaos! As glass is not uniform, metal jump ring size must be adjusted within each design element. The infusion of color is a stunning focal point to these fluid pieces.

Framed Glass

9 in 1

Opening up this Japanese weave allows a flat weave to roll. The glass is structurally supported by the silver filled rings which frame each glass ring.  


Caged Beads


When a weave folds back on itself it creates a compartment to float a bead without the added distraction of stringing materials. This is a tightly controlled process, but what a wonderful way to add glass, stone and freshwater pearls to a piece!

Chain maille

The Classics

Pairing classic weaves with a unique clasp is beautiful in itself. Current favorites include full persian, sweet pea, field stone, olivia, mobius, open, box and byzantine.  Custom orders are welcomed.